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January 19, 2019

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Bryce, Aaron, Andrew, & Simon

This is the first page of some of my Bermuda friends: I have sooo many of you that it isnt funny! Alot of you i just dont have pictures of though so if you wanna go up then you gotta give me some pics! Well i just wanna say that the guy on the left, is my big-brother Bryce, hes at college and although i do miss you Brycie-B...i am enjoying my new room very much! LoL
I'll see you soon though Bro! Now as for the guy in the red...hes my brother too, i gotta love you Aaron! Andrew on the phone, what was up with that huh Drew? Talking to my babe Tasha? AWE! I love you guys much! Okay to the little guy in the pj's! Your my bf babe! I love the bike...too bad you cant ride it huh? Jerem's would love to let you though im sure! Well i'll see you guys soon!